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銆€銆€With the development of the times, the translation profession is becoming more and more popular, so the content of this issue is to tell you why enterprises want to find translation companies? Let's look down!


銆€銆€Nowadays, with the spread of national higher education and the development of science and technology, translation companies are facing endless survival challenges. In today's society, it is not too much to say that everyone can translate. As long as you can use the online translation function, everyone can be a translator. In addition, all kinds of translation software, translation things and simultaneous interpretation equipment are presented in the shopping malls, which greatly compresses the shopping malls of translation companies. Maybe one day, we will no longer need translation companies and tongues, customers go abroad to talk about business or meetings, just bring a robot can easily handle, this is also completely possible. Of course, this is a sign of social progress, which is very exciting, but for most people engaged in translation, it is a disaster, because it means that they will be idle, which is not allowed to see by those engaged in translation.


銆€銆€However, in the foreseeable future, can machine translation replace manual translation? I don't think so. I can't deny that because of the low entry threshold of translation profession, the competition is really fierce now. However, this does not mean that translation will be replaced by machines. We have enough reasons to believe that in the future, the translation profession can not do without manual translation. As we know, the precondition of machine translation is to preset the database in advance. The database is the "brain" that can be considered by the machine, and the database is from the manual translation.


銆€銆€Human translation has the incomparable advantages of machine translation, and robot translation has the efficiency that human translation can't confront. The editor of Jinan translation company thinks that the only way out for professional translators is to have a wonderful connection between human translation and machine translation in the future. They should never stick to it together, or they will only have to die. The main difference between human translation and machine translation is that people will think about it and be active. Human translation can be said to be a creative activity. You can never accurately guess what posture different people will translate the same sentence into. And the machine is mechanically copied, the same sentence you use machine translation again and again can only get an answer, a preset answer. Language is constantly developing, and machine translation is difficult to keep pace with the times. Artificial translation can give different translations of the same sentence in different contexts. example:


銆€銆€You have lunch.


銆€銆€Do you have lunch?


銆€銆€In this way, the same sentence will have different meanings in different contexts. If the machine turns it over, it can only give one answer, far from expressing the speaker's real intention. In addition, there is a big difference between machine translation and manual translation, not to mention the accuracy of machine translation, machine translation alone can not reach the air mobilization. Human translation can adjust the tone and speed of translation and make some appropriate body language to express according to the detailed scene and audience, while machine translation can only read the pronunciation at a constant speed, which can not reach the translation standard at all. It is almost the same to use it for entertainment. In this way, the development of enterprises is inseparable from the translation company, which has strict translation quality control process and norms, and the company's tongues have rich translation experience, which can provide the best translation plan for customers and ensure the translation quality. Therefore, we have reason to believe that translation companies will not disappear in the future, but the traditional translation service methods. As long as we change our thinking, the more humanized the translation service, we will certainly be recognized by our customers.


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